GCSE Spanish – frequently asked questions

GCSE Spanish - Frequently asked questions

1. What is GCSE Spanish?

GCSE Spanish stands for the General Certificate of Education in Spanish.

It is an exam which is normally taken by 16 year old students in the UK education system.

The exam is usually sat by students in year 11.

2. Where can you take GCSE Spanish exam?

Students normally sit the GCSE Spanish exam in their own school.

Arrangements are made with the exam boards during the academic year. 

3. How long does it take to study for the GCSE Spanish exam?

4. What exam boards offer the Spanish GCSE exam?

5. Can you take the GCSE Spanish exam outside of the UK?

6. What does the Spanish GCSE exam consist of?

7. What results are achieved by the students who take the Spanish GCSE exam?

8. What resources are there available commercially to study GCSE Spanish?

9. Where can a private student sit GCSE Spanish?

10. What are the advantages of taking GCSE Spanish as opposed to other modern foreign languages 

11. What are the difficult parts of the GCSE Spanish exam

12. How to do well in GCSE Spanish?


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