AQA Spanish GCSE Vocabulary list

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Key verbs from the AQA Spanish GCSE list

acabar de + infinitive - to have just (done something)

comenzar - to begin

continuar - to continue

dar - to give

darse cuenta (de) - to realise

deber must, have to

decidir - to decide

dejar de - to stop (doing something)

echar - to throw

empezar - to begin

estar - to be

hace(n) falta - to need, to be necessary

hacer - to do, to make

hacerse - to become

hay - there is, there are

hay que - one must, one has to

ir - to go

ir a + infinitive -  (to be) going to (do something)

irse - to go away, to leave

necesitar - to need

ocurrir - to happen

pasar - to happen, to go through, to spend (time)

poder - to be able, can

poner - to put

ponerse a - to start doing something

querer - to want; to love

quisiera-  I’d like

saber - to know (a fact, how to do something)

seguir - to continue, to follow

ser - to be

soler - to regularly do something

tener - to have, to own

tener lugar - to take place

AQA Spanish GCSE Vocabulary list - important verbs
AQA Spanish GCSE Vocabulary list - important verbs

AQA Spanish GCSE Vocabulary list
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AQA Spanish GCSE Vocabulary list
As a GCSE Spanish student/teacher do you feel the need to have the definitive vocabulary list? You do? Well, here it is in all its glory! In this post, you will find a link and extracts of the essentials. Let's call it the essentials range!
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