Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish (No 3) : Identity and culture

Spanish GCSE Translation English to Spanish Topic - identity and culture


The aim of this article is to help students with their Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish.

The article has 10 English sentences with 10 suggested translations into Spanish. 

.... so let's dive in!

Sample translations

1. I don't like to play tennis with my friends because it's difficult.

No me gusta / jugar al tenis /  con mis amigos /  porque es difícil.

2. After school, she sends messages from her computer.

Después del colegio / manda / mensajes / de su ordenador.

3. I love to watch soaps on the TV.

Me encanta / ver /  telenovelas en la tele.

4. I like to share photos with my friends, especially when I am on holiday.

Me gusta / compartir fotos / con mis amigos / especialmente /  cuando estoy de vacaciones.

5. Last Saturday, I watched my favourite TV programme "Match of the Day".

El sábado pasado / vi / mi programa de televisión favorito "Match of the Day"

6. I used to get on well with my best friend, but now it is different.

Me entendía bien / con mi mejor amigo / pero ahora es diferente.

7. Yesterday I had an argument with my sister.

Ayer / discutí /  con mi hermana.

8. Tomorrow, we will play football on the beach.

Mañana / jugaremos / en la playa.

9. Last Saturday I went to my sister's wedding. 

El sábado pasado / fui a la boda / de mi hermana.

10. Tomorrow, I will use Skype to contact my friends. 

Mañana / usaré Skype / para contactar /  a mis amigos.

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Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish (No 3) : Identity and culture
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Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish (No 3) : Identity and culture
Want some help with Spanish GCSE translation? Here it is! Step by step help with English to Spanish : Identity and culture translation. Clear explanation - with link to a YouTube video which gives more useful tips and hacks.
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