Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish (No 4) : Future aspirations, study and work

Spanish GCSE Translation English to Spanish Topic - future aspirations, study and work


The aim of this article is to help students with their Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish.

The article has 10 English sentences with 10 suggested translations into Spanish. 

.... so let's dive in!

Sample transations

1. My father is a nurse and he works in the hospital.

Mi padre / es enfermero / y / trabaja / en el hospital

2. I would not like to be a shop assistant because I like to work in the open air.

No me gustaría / ser dependiente(a) / porque / me gusta / trabajar al aire libre.

3. She is very kind and she is going to be a teacher.

(Ella) es / muy simpática / y /  va a ser / profesora.

4. In the future I would like to live in Spain and work there.

En el futuro / me gustaría /  vivir / en España / y / trabajar allí.

5. My father went to university in London and studied science.

Mi padre / fue / a la universidad / en Londres / y / estudió / las ciencias.

A suggestion ....

Here is a suggestion for help with Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish.

While going through these translations, why not make up slight alternatives ....

You never know ...

... they might come up in the exam!

Here is an example from number 5 above

I went to university in Birmingham with my sister who wants to study there

Fui / a la universidad/ en Birmingham / con mi hermana / que quiere estudiar allí.

6. Rafa Nadal as a famous tennis player and likes his work.

Rafa Nadal es / tenista famoso / y / le gusta / su trabajo.

7. My friend Anne is going to take a gap year and travel in Latin America.

Mi amiga Ana / va a / tomar un año sabático / y / viajar en América Latina

8. You can earn more money as a professional footballer than a nurse.

Puedes / ganar / más dinero / como futbolista profesional / que ser enfermero(a).

9. In the shop where I work, the customers are usually nice.

En la tienda / donde trabajo / los clientes / son / normalmente simpáticos.

10. She is going to be a maths teacher because she loves maths.

Va a / ser / profesora de matemáticas / porque / le gustan / las matemáticas

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Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish : Future aspirations,study and work
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Spanish GCSE translation – English to Spanish : Future aspirations,study and work
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