GCSE Spanish 30 day revision challenge

The GCSE Spanish 30 day revision challenge 2018

Coming shortly on this site will be the Spanish 30 day revision challenge.

It starts on Friday 27 April 2018 and runs through until Saturday 26th May 2018.

The idea is simple.

For 30 days I will release two minute videos on YouTube which are to the point and easily understood.

The videos will cover key revision points for the exam.

By watching the videos on a daily basis, you will get into a good habit.

The two minute video will be accompanied by a quiz which will give immediate feedback and a mark.

You can also retweet your score with the #GCSESpanishrevisionchallenge. 

Do YOU accept the challenge?

Two minutes every day.

Not much - but it will add up!

Coupled with the quiz, it might be three / minutes.

If you do accept the challenge, it will have a great compounding effect.

Try it and see!

What a great habit to get into!

Go on - you know it makes sense!

What happens if you discover the 30 day challenge after it has started?

No problem!

just catch up with the videos at you own pace - the important thing is that you do them . They will be really useful for your Spanish GCSE revision.

Click on the days below, and you will be taken to the correct page.

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