Why Flashsticks? 

Simple and effective language learning tools are the key to making progress on the language learning journey.

Flashsticks is one such tool.

..and this language learning tool is firmly recommended.

The back story

I first came across Flashsticks some four years ago at the London Languages Show (yes - London has a languages show!).

The simplicity of a post-it note, with an item of vocabulary on it, which was then transformed by a simple barcode, using your mobile phone, into native uttering the word and.....

....I was "gobsmacked"

Low tech and high tech brilliantly combined to help the language learner along the language learning journey.

That is the magic of flashsticks.

The simple ideas work - this is one is simple and works a treat!

What happened?

I liked Flashsticks so much that I bought the company!

Well ... not quite!

However, in the interests of transparency, I have an interest in the company and work on a consultancy basis for them.

What are Flashsticks?

Click on the link to see how Flashsticks really work.

The video says it all!

Screenshot of the Flashsticks website

Below are examples from the Spanish range of Flashsticks products

FlashSticks Spanish Beginner Level 1 Sticky Notes Box Set

Check out what else is on the site by clicking on the links below.

Flashsticks - hi-tech meets low-tech ... a great language learning tool
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Flashsticks - hi-tech meets low-tech ... a great language learning tool
Flashsticks are a great way to increase a student's retention of key vocabulary. They should be part of every language learner's armoury.
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