Information about how to get the top grades in GCSE Spanish by using "tener" structures

Here is a useful list of tener expressions.

GCSE Spanish examiners like them because they sound, and are, very Spanish.

Here is a list that you can use in both your speaking and writing exams

tener _ años: to be _ years old

tener calor: to be hot

tener frío: to be cold

tener hambre: to be hungry

tener sed: to be thirsty

tener sueño: to be sleepy

tener miedo: to be frightened

tener prisa: to be in a hurry

tener razón: to be right

no tener razón: to be wrong

tener orgullo: to be proud

tener suerte: to be lucky

Problems conjugating tener?

Click on the links below for help on our YouTube channel

Tener in the future tense

Tener in the preterite tense

Tener in the present tense