30 day Spanish GCSE Revision Challenge Day 1

DAY 1 Thirty Day revision Challenge

Today’s the day!

Day 1 of the Spanish GCSE revision challenge.

Over the next thirty days, I will release a new post on this site with news and views on the 30 day Spanish GCSE revision challenge.

Today’s top tip!

Information about how to get the top grades in GCSE Spanish by using "tener" expressions

A “tener” structure is a phrase or a sentence which uses the verb tener (to have).

Here are a few examples:

Tengo dieciseis años (I am sixteen years old)

Ian tiene suerte porque va a España para las vacaciones. (Ian is lucky because he goes to Spain for his holidays)

Tengo miedo de viajar en avión ( I am afraid of travelling by plane)

For a longer list of “tener” expressions and for help on how to conjugate tener click here:

tener expressions

Click on the video for today’s revision.


Happy revision!

See you tomorrow!

Hasta mañana!

El profe

30 day GCSE Revision Challenge Day 1
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30 day GCSE Revision Challenge Day 1
Day 1 of the 30 Day Spanish GCSE revision callenge
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