The definite article in Spanish

The definite article in Spanish

Do you know your “el” from your “la”?

….. or your “los” from your “las”?

Try this quick multiple choice test below and found out!

The definite article in Spanish (the) is tricky.

Really tricky!

In English we have one word – in Spanish there are four.

El – masculine singular … meaning “the”

La – feminine singular … meaning “the”

Los – masculine plural … meaning “the”

Las – feminine plural … meaning “the”


The following table shows how the Spanish word for “the” is used :




El chico

La chica


Los chicos

Las chicas

Nouns which do not follow the normal pattern

The following nouns do not follow the normal pattern.

They are well worth a learn!

Nouns ending in –a which are masculine

El mapa – the map

El día – the day

El problema – the problem

El sistema – the system

El clima – the climate

El programa – the programme

Nouns ending in o which are feminine

La mano – the hand

La radio – the radio

La foto – the photo

La moto – the motorbike

Nouns ending in -idad (corresponding to -ity in English) are feminine.

Here are some examples:

La electricidad – electricity

La publicidad – publicity

La felicidad – happiness

Nouns ending in ( corresponding to -tion In English) are feminine.

Here are some examples:

La nación – nation

La publicación – publication

La estación-  station


The definite article in Spanish El, La, los, las


Here is our multiple-choice test on the definite article in Spanish.

Be careful!

Some of them are not as easy as they seem.

Good luck!

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