GCSE Spanish – “tener” expressions

Information about how to get the top grades in GCSE Spanish by using "tener" structures

Useful Tener expressions

Below is a useful list of tener expressions.

GCSE Spanish examiners like them because they sound, and are, very Spanish.

Here is a list that you can use in both your speaking and writing exams

tener _ años: to be _ years old

tener calor: to be hot

tener frío: to be cold

tener hambre: to be hungry

tener sed: to be thirsty

tener sueño: to be sleepy

tener miedo: to be frightened

tener prisa: to be in a hurry

tener razón: to be right

no tener razón: to be wrong

tener orgullo: to be proud

tener suerte: to be lucky

Using tener in different tenses

Spanish GCSE examiners like students to show off what they can do.

With this in mind, you will find below the “tener” expressions from the list above, conjugated in different tenses.

The first list is using the first person singular form, in other words the YO form.

Cuando tenía trece años – When I was thirteen years old (imperfect tense)

Cuando tenga dieciocho años – When I am eighteen years old (subjunctive)… this expression scores very highly.

Cuando hace calor, tengo calor también – When it is hot, I am hot as well (present tense)

Al salir del colegio, tenía hambre – On leaving school I was hungry (imperfect tense)

Cuando hace sol tengo sed – When it is sunny, I am thirsty (present tense)

Después de hacer mis deberes, tengo sueño – After doing my homework I am sleepy (present tense)

Tengo razón de vez en cuando – I am right from time to time (present tense)

Si me despierto tarde tengo prisa para ir al colegio – If I wake up late I am in a hurry to get to school.

Problems conjugating tener?

Click on the links below for help on our YouTube channel

Tener in the future tense

Tener in the preterite tense

Tener in the present tense

How to get top grades in GCSE Spanish

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