April Holidays – and that Spanish GCSE revision?

Spanish GCSE Revision?

How is the Spanish GCSE revision going?

Are you keeping up with the lovely schedule that you set out for yourself?

It is human nature to slip behind what we set ourselves to do – so don’t worry!

Also, revising for languages, especially GCSE Spanish is not easy. What to do? What is the most effective thing to do?

Don’t panic is rule number one. And the second rule is, of course, to follow rule number one!

If you are feeling just a little overwhelmed, why not

  • email me Steven French on stevenfrenchlanguages@googlemail.com


  • text on 44 7713 252958


  • simply ring me on 44 7713 252958

I am an experienced and well qualified teacher to teach GCSE Spanish (with over twenty years experience), and I am sure that I could help.

Online tuition is a very effective way to do Spanish GCSE revision. Give me a ring and see if you think I could help you.

Contact Steven French 44 7713 252958

So, if you do need some help with your GCSE revision, get in contact AHORA (now!)

Steven French

For more Spanish, click here



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